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10 Must Do Things in Key West

Hey guys, I've been lucky to spend a week in Key West couple months ago, and instead of writing up a huge post about all the things we've done/seen/experienced there, I just boiled it all down to 10 major points. So here's my top 10 pick of a must things to do when in wonderful Key West:

1. First of all, rent a moped or a bike - no travelling by car around the island, you'll miss half the fun ($30/day for mopeds, $15/bikes). Make sure to drive around the whole island at least once - will only take you about an hour and it's totally worth it!

2. Go see sunset from the Sunset Pier restaurant (0 Duvall St) - and if you stay there well past the sunset closer to midnight, when everyone's gone and the place is empty, you'll see huge tarpons fishing for smaller fish attracted by the pier lights; and if you're really lucky maybe you'll even see a couple dolphins fishing as well just couple meters away from you!

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new vegan

hi all! im a new vegan (have been vegetarian for a total of 4 years) dating an omnivore. we're going to montreal next week for a couple of days and im looking for some tips and suggestions of how to eat while im there, preferably on the cheaper side if i can. we'll be staying in a hotel, i doubt there would be a fridge. im taking the bus and want to keep my bags light/small so bringing meals isnt really an option. ive already been to aux vivres and plan to go again, it was awesome. we plan to go out of for dinner each day but i was wondering if you had any tips for breakfast and lunch on the cheap, but most importantly healthy while traveling.

thanks so much x

Vegan in Biloxi?

I should have posted this earlier, but I am a procrastinator. : (

I am leaving for Biloxi, MS on Saturday and need help in finding veg food. I have searched all the web sources I can find and have come up with very little. I was hoping someone out there might have firsthand experience with finding veg food in Biloxi. I will be staying at the Back Bay Mission located at 1012 Division St.

If I were left to my own devices, I am confident I could find food, however, I will be fairly captive at this location so any suggestions for finding edibles close by is much appreciated!

veg restaurant on road trips


i live in boston, mass and i will be roadtripping to toronto next month for a wedding. does anybody know this route by chance? if so, do you know of any cool veg places to eat at on the road? or do you know how i can figure this out? i don't want it to be too far off the route since we'll be doing a lot of traveling in a short period of time. but it would be really cool to taste a local veg restaurant if we can.

thanks in advance for any help.


Vegan volunteering abroad

Does anyone have any experience with working in other countries? Can you suggest a good program ? Can you tell me what the food situation was like for a vegan?

I really feel the need to get out of here, make a positive contribution in the world, and experience some greater reality.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Every time I type Las Vegas I type Las Vegan and have to delete and retype the ending!

Anyways; I have several trips planned this year and will address them as they occur. My first big trip of this year will be to Las Vegas, NV.

What are your favorite places to eat in Vegas? I would especially like places with Late-Night Options.

I am staying at Green Valley Ranch Resort- I do not have a choice about where I stay as this is a work trip. So places that are not too far from this are appreciated.
I know that during the day time at the conference all of my food offerings will be vegan as we have already spoken with the conference organizers.

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Vegan travel report - Negril, Jamaica

Part of why my husband and I chose to go to Jamaica was due to the prevalence of Rastafari and therefore Ital cooking. The food was better and more amazing than I can describe. Wonderful, delicious, huge whole-food meals could be had for $2-5 US. The fact that Americans typically eat total shit was one of the many revelations I came to on this trip. Negril has a resident population of like 4,000 and there were 4 or 5 dedicated veg/Ital spots. Even our hotel had many veg menu items. Above is the daily menu and all wood-fired kitchen at Ras Rody's roadside Organic in the West End/cliffs of Negril. This was the first meal we had on arriving and it set the tone for the entire trip. Fantastic. Cooling in the pan below the menu was a fantastic sweet potato pudding. Ras Rody was very nice and fun to talk to.

We got very lucky in one aspect - the driver that the hotel sent for us was Tyrone - a vegan who had done a lot of time as a cook in the Eastern US. He was our age, working on his own cookbook, and very willing to take us to all of the sweet spots. I have his contact information for anyone who may want it.

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Vegan Travel Guides

'The must have travelling companion' ... The Vegan Passport:


For anyone travelling in Europe:


"Mapping the world for vegetarians and vegans"- the author, Alex, is vegan - including

Vegetarian London 2008: http://www.vegetarianguides.co.uk/products/vegetarianlondon.shtml
Vegetarian Britain 2009 (coming very soon): http://www.vegetarianguides.co.uk/products/vegetarianbritain.shtml
Vegetarian France: http://www.vegetarianguides.co.uk/products/vegetarianfrance.shtml
Vegetarian Europe: http://www.vegetarianguides.co.uk/products/vegetarianeurope.shtml

The author is looking for volunteers to help continue developing the series, too ... updates[at]vegetarianguides.co.uk

London vegan restaurants?

Hello everyone!

I'm going to be in London from the 21st to the 27th of December with my family. I've not been to London since I went vegan (in fact, I've not been to London in at least nine years!)

I know that there are a ton of vegan options there, but I'm looking for specific recommendations of places that any of you who live in, or have traveled to, London especially love. Also, any thoughts on where to have a vegan Christmas dinner (if that's even possible since most places will be closed, I'm sure).


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