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Vegan Travel Guide

we got your back

travelling while vegan doesn't have to be tricky
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this community is more of a place to archive questions asked in other more populated communities than a place to ask questions. if you have tips on travelling while veg, feel free to post your findings here, but if you need answers to specific questions, it'd be better to ask it in veganpeople. or even better, if you find a regional community in the list below!
We currently don't have an archiver keeping an eye on veganism, so if you read that community, and would like to help us archive travel questions posted there in our memories, let me know, and i'll suggest that people post inquiries there as well.

here is a list of regional veg communities that have a wealth of information in their pages, and members who can answer your questions more effectively than if you posted here.


aussie_veggies, adelaide_vegans, (archived communities: australian_vega, vegan_au)

calgaryveggies, vegancanada, vancouvervegs, vegan_couver_is, torontoveggie

ukvegans, vegetarian_uk, vegetarisch(german-speaking) veggie_scotland

Delaware Maryland foodnotbombsmd, New Jersey veg_nj New York buffalo_veg, nyc_vegans, vegan_ny, Pennsylvania philly_veg_out, lehigh_veg, Virginia rivahcityveg, Washington, DC dc_vegans, West Virginia wv___vegans

new england newengland_vegs, newenglandvegan
Maine Connecticut ct_vegans Massachusetts massvegetarians, New Hampshire Rhode Island Vermont

Alabama veg_in_al, Arkansas Florida sofla_veg, vegainesville, gainesville_fnb, vegan_orlando, Georgia atlanta_veggies, vegangeorgia, Louisiana vegnola, Mississippi North Carolina ncveg, South Carolina Tennessee

midwest midwest_vegans,
Illinois chicagoveggie, Indiana Iowa Kansas kc_veg, Kentucky Michigan michiganveggie, Minnesota mnveggies, vegreviewmn, Missouri Nebraska North Dakota Ohio cinti_veggies, columbusveg, South Dakota Wisconsin milwaukeevegans,

Idaho Montana Oregon pdxvegans, pdxveggies, vegansinpdx, Washington bham_vegetarian, seattlevegans, tacomaveggies, Wyoming

Arizona phoenixvegan, Colorado colovegetarians, Nevada New Mexico Oklahoma Texas dfw_vegetarian, Utah
California bayarea_vegans, bayareaveg, ieveggie, losangelesvegan, la_vegetarians, pasadena_veg, sfvegans, venturavegan,
Hawaii veganhawaii, Alaska

Non-regional Comunities:
veggiereview, vegdineout

in addition, the following community is similar to this one in that it has a list of other veg*n (non-location based) communities listed on the profile. vegpromo

have i missed any of the regional veg communities?
please post it here, and i will update the info page.

if you would like to be a moderator and help us keep a watch out for travel related posts in other communities, check which communities are already being watched, and leave a comment, telling which communities you would like to archive.

or you can help us out by posting a link to any unfiled post here